Bio-1 Biosecurity Bubble  P.A.P.R (Powered air purifying respirator)   

Usage scenarios:

Bio 1 has been Designed for people who work or require protection in indoor places such as; Aircrafts, shopping malls, dental centers, airports and medical centers.

However, it is important to point out that the masks should not be used in very humid climates, especially in places with significant temperature variations, since will be difficult to control fogging. The system works optimally in air-conditioned locations. 

Aircrew Staff
Sellers and customer service staff 
Health workforce



Bio-1 is our standard version, ideal for people weighing less than 65 Kg or 143 pounds and using situations which do not require great physical demands. This version has an electrically operated ventilation system, a single air filter system, 2 outlet valves, a Velcro closure system and a 6-hour battery.

Bio-1 Pro Bio-1 Pro is the most robust version, it has double filtering system instead of one, a more powerful ventilation motor compared with the Bio 1 version, 3 outlet valves, a Velcro Closure system, and a 6-hour battery. Ideal for people over 65 kg / 143 pounds or for people who undertake more dynamic physical activity. However it is not recommended for working out.

Bio-1 Kids This is a version for kids (Age 6 - 12). Preorder Now!

Bio-1 Series C 

is a special edition, designed for dentists and surgeons. It has double air filtering and a powerful ventilation system located at the user's back, both of which can be positioned away from a patient being treated. It offers improved downward view and acoustics.

 In addition to this, Bio series C has 3 outlet valves, a velcro closure system, and a 6-hour battery. Air generated by the ventilator is transmitted to the main capsule through a flex hose.

Do not use Bio 1, while you workout

Electrical system

The primary air flow works electrically and is propelled by a lithium ion battery. The electric system provides 6 hours of autonomy.

Charging Time: The charging time is about 3 hours.

5 - 6 Hours

Fogging Control

Fogging was one of the most challenging things to solve in bio 1.

In our design, fogging can be controlled and avoided, nonetheless, there are work scenarios where fogging can occur due to specific conditions such as changes in temperature or high humidity. In circumstances where fogging is difficult to control, we recommend using anti-fog liquids.

Scenarios where the use of Bio-1 is NOT recommended

-Hot or humid areas such as; kitchens, laundries, wet areas, gyms, beauty centers, industries or any other space with the presence of humidity or high temperatures. The product is not recommended for outdoors.

Scenarios where the use of Bio-1 is recommended

Places with limited temperature variation, such as; shopping malls, medical centers, aircrafts, airports.

Notice: The system works optimally in places with air conditioning.

How to clean your Bio 1

Cleaning your Bio 1 is very simple, it should be clean with damp cloths moistened with quaternary ammonium (included in your kit) and alcohol. In the following video you can see more details.

Notice: Videoclip in spanish

Before starting

In the following video you can see, the differences between the Bio 1 Pro and the Basic, plus what to do before using it.

Notice:Videoclip in spanish

Check this Video out to learn more about Bio 1!

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